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Букет цветов (Лунное восхищение)
Lunar admiration

5300 rubles

Букет цветов из красных Роз в корзине Мадам дю Барри
Madame du Barry

3300 rubles

Букет цветов Фиолетовый ветер
Purple wind

3400 rubles

Букет цветов из розовых Роз в корзине Ангельские лепестки
Angel's petals

2700 rubles

Букет цветов Небесная ласточка
Sky swallow

5200 rubles

Букет цветов в шляпной коробке — Застенчивая яркость
Shy brightness

4300 rubles

Букет цветов Мерцающий свет
Shimmer light

3100 rubles

Букет цветов в подарочной коробке — Деревенская романтика
Country romance

3500 rubles

Букет цветов в шляпной коробке — Изумрудное утро
Emerald morning

3900 rubles

Букет цветов в подарочной коробке — Аметистовое блаженство
Amethyst bliss

4600 rubles

Букет цветов в подарочной коробке — Парижское удовольствие
Parisian pleasure

2200 rubles

Букет цветов в подарочной коробке — Такая лунность
Such Moonlight

3200 rubles

Букет цветов в шляпной коробке — Утренние воспоминания
Morning memories

3400 rubles

Цветы в корзине Солнечная свежесть
Sunny freshness

5200 rubles

Букет цветов в подарочной коробке — Линия розы
Rose line

3900 rubles


Flower Shop and flower delivery in Moscow

Do you have a beloved person or a friend in Moscow? Probably, you want to buy flowers for her/him and say some warm words, but distance makes it difficult to realize this sweet plan.  Flower delivery in Moscow will help you to fulfill all your bright and romantic ideas!

We also live in the world where business etiquette is really appreciated. It is important to pay attention to the business partners and valuable assets. Flower arrangements and gifts can affect the climate of the business relationship; make communication more pleasant and informal. Your business partners will always appreciate the flowers that you order to their office or to a particular person after a successfully completed project.

Gorgeous, elegant, lovely flower arrangements are waiting for your order to get to any corner of the Russian capital. Flower delivery is available 24/7. Moscow online flower shop “Hey Rosie” is famous for its floral design. For about 20 years professional florists have created thousands of flower centerpieces for any kind of festivities and special days.

Flower arrangements for all occasions: love, friendship, birthday, business

Flower store is making arrangements for any occasion. Clients can order flowers to say love you, to wish a happy birthday, to cheer-up a friend during the illness, to thank a business partner.

Easy navigation of “Hey Rosie” website will help you to choose the best flower arrangement among dozens of others. Just check your emotions or occasion and find your suitable flowers! “Hey Rosie” shop can also add a present to the flower centerpieces by client order. There are gifts, frames, vases and gift boxes to suit everyone’s pocket and taste. All the flowers are provided with elegant post cards (free of charge), where clients can mention their wishes.

English-speaking staff and convenient delivery

“Hey Rosie” staff speaks English. Friendly consultants will help you to choose flowers, arrange delivery and discuss other details. No matter, whether you are calling from abroad or contact the shop being in Moscow – it is easy to order flowers with us!

“Hey Rosie” delivery of flower arrangements is free of charge within MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) on daily basis 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. For the standard delivery – confirm the order 24 hours before the necessary date. There are also 5 other types of delivery (night, express, out of MKAD, specific time etc.). Choose the best one which suits your plans.

Stay polite, romantic and generous wherever you are! Send flowers and presents to the people that are dear and special for you.

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