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About us

Our small team has been engaged in flower business since 2001.
During this time we managed to work not only in Russia, but also abroad, in distant overseas countries.
We are not only florists, we also studied interior design, products and graphic design.
We maintain interest in modern floristic trends, while striving to keep our own unique style.

Why We Do It?

Our world is imperfect, and flowers too …they can prick you with their spikes, they can cause allergies, but we still love them! Flowers go with us along the whole of our life's journey: both on happy holidays and days of sadness. They help us to express what is difficult to say in words. They fill our soul with kindness and warmth, make us stop and appreciate the moment. 

What inspires us?

A huge blue sky, beautiful music, exquisite architecture, great design, talented florists and you!

What do we appreciate?

Good attitude, sincerity and openness are what we truly appreciate. That is why in our salon it is homely cozy, and the fragrance of beautiful flowers is adjacent to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, which we gladly treat our customers.

Our customers: